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Documentation for various tooling in support of Deno development.


This script will format the code (currently using dprint, rustfmt). It is a prerequisite to run this before code check in.

To run formatting:

deno run --allow-read --allow-write --allow-run --unstable ./tools/format.js


This script will lint the code base (currently using dlint, clippy). It is a prerequisite to run this before code check in.

To run linting:

deno run --allow-read --allow-write --allow-run --unstable ./tools/lint.js

Tip: You can also use cargo to run the current or pending build of the deno executable

cargo run -- run --allow-read --allow-write --allow-run --unstable ./tools/<script>


flamebench.js facilitates profiling and generating flamegraphs from benchmarks.

General usage:

❯ ./tools/flamebench.js
flamebench <bench_name> [bench_filter]

Available benches:

To profile the op_baseline bench, run ./tools/flamebench.js op_baseline, this will run all 3 benches in `op_baseline.

Often when profiling/optimizing, you'll want to focus on a specific sub-bench, flamebench supports a bench/test filter arg like the regular cargo commands. So you can simply run ./tools/flamebench.js op_baseline bench_op_async or ./tools/flamebench.js op_baseline bench_op_nop to profile specific benches.

Tip: the [bench_filter] argument doesn't have to be an exact bench name, you can use a shorthand or a partial match to profile a group of benches, e.g: ./tools/flamebench.js de v8


wgpu_sync.js streamlines updating deno_webgpu from gfx-rs/wgpu.

It essentially vendors the deno_webgpu tree with a few minor patches applied on top, somewhat similar to git subtree.

  1. Update COMMIT or V_WGPU in ./tools/wgpu_sync.js
  2. Run ./tools/wgpu_sync.js
  3. Double check changes, possibly patch
  4. Commit & send a PR with the updates
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