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The sheet_to_json utility function generates output arrays suitable for use with other JS libraries such as data grids for previewing data. With a familiar UI, x-spreadsheet is an excellent choice for developers looking for a modern editor.

This demo is available at

Obtaining the Library

The x-data-spreadsheet module includes a minified script dist/xspreadsheet.js that can be directly inserted as a script tag. The unpkg CDN also exposes the latest version:

<script src=""></script>

Previewing Data

The HTML document needs a container element:

<div id="gridctr"></div>

Grid initialization is a one-liner:

/* note that the browser build exposes the variable `x` */
var grid = x_spreadsheet(document.getElementById("gridctr"));

The following function converts data from SheetJS to x-spreadsheet:

/* load data */

stox is defined in xlsxspread.js


x-spreadsheet handles the entire edit cycle. No intervention is necessary.

Saving Data

grid.getData() returns an object that can be converted back to a worksheet:

/* build workbook from the grid data */
var new_wb = xtos(xspr.getData());

/* generate download */
XLSX.writeFile(new_wb, "SheetJS.xlsx");

stox is defined in xlsxspread.js

Additional Features

This demo barely scratches the surface. The underlying grid component includes many additional features that work with SheetJS Pro.


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