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The library exports can be imported directly from TS code with:

import * as XLSX from 'xlsx';

The library type definitions are available in the repo at types/index.d.ts and in the node module. The definitions are also available in places that serve the node module, like unpkg.

This demo shows a small utility function that reads the first worksheet and converts to an array of arrays. The utility function is designed to be used in the browser and server. This project shows a complete deployment as a simple browser script and as a node module.

This demo is intended to illustrate simple and direct use of the tsc command line utility. The Angular 2+ demo shows a more advanced TypeScript deployment.

Named Exports

Newer TypeScript versions (2.6+) support named exports:

import { read, write, utils } from 'xlsx'

However, since this is not supported in all deployments, it is generally easier to use the glob import form and destructuring assignment:

import * as XLSX from 'xlsx';
const { read, write, utils } = XLSX;

Library Type Definitions

Types are exposed in the node module directly in the path /types/index.d.ts. unpkg CDN includes the definitions. The named @types/xlsx module should not be installed!

Using the glob import, types must be explicitly scoped:

import * as XLSX from 'xlsx';
/* the workbook type is accessible as XLSX.WorkBook */
const wb: XLSX.WorkBook =, options);

Using named imports, the explicit type name should be imported:

import { read, WorkBook } from 'xlsx'
const wb: WorkBook = read(data, options);

Demo Project Structure

lib/index.ts is the TS library that will be transpiled to dist/index.js and dist/index.d.ts.

demo.js is a node script that uses the generated library.

src/index.js is the browser entry point. The browserify bundle tool is used to generate dist/browser.js, a browser script loaded by index.html.


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