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This library is compatible with Electron and should just work out of the box. The demonstration uses Electron 14.0.0. The library is added via require from the renderer process.

Electron 9.0.0 and later require the preference nodeIntegration: true in order to require('XLSX') in the renderer process. Electron 12.0.0 and later also require worldSafeExecuteJavascript: true and contextIsolation: true

The library can also be required from the main process, as shown in this demo to render a version string in the About dialog on OSX.

The standard HTML5 FileReader techniques from the browser apply to Electron. This demo includes a drag-and-drop box as well as a file input box, mirroring the SheetJS Data Preview Live Demo

The core data in this demo is an editable HTML table. The readers build up the table using sheet_to_html (with editable:true option) and the writers scrape the table using table_to_book.

Reading and Writing Files

Since electron provides an fs implementation, readFile and writeFile can be used in conjunction with the standard dialog windows. For example:

/* from app code, require('electron').remote calls back to main process */
var dialog = require('electron').remote.dialog;

/* show a file-open dialog and read the first selected file */
var o = dialog.showOpenDialog({ properties: ['openFile'] });
var workbook = XLSX.readFile(o[0]);

/* show a file-save dialog and write the workbook */
var o = dialog.showSaveDialog();
XLSX.writeFile(workbook, o);


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