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This directory contains runnable sample mongoose programs.

To run:

  • first install Node.js
  • from the root of the project, execute npm install -d
  • in the example directory, run npm install -d
  • from the command line, execute: node example.js, replacing "example.js" with the name of a program.

Goal is to show:

  • global schemas
  • GeoJSON schemas / use (with crs)
  • text search (once MongoDB removes the "Experimental/beta" label)
  • lean queries
  • statics
  • methods and statics on subdocs
  • custom types
  • querybuilder
  • promises
  • accessing driver collection, db
  • connecting to replica sets
  • connecting to sharded clusters
  • enabling a fail fast mode
  • on the fly schemas
  • storing files
  • map reduce
  • aggregation
  • advanced hooks
  • using $elemMatch to return a subset of an array
  • query casting
  • upserts
  • pagination
  • express + mongoose session handling
  • group by (use aggregation)
  • authentication
  • schema migration techniques
  • converting documents to plain objects (show transforms)
  • how to $unset
MongoDB object modeling designed to work in an asynchronous environment.
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