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Simple Blog

Lume theme to create a simple blog.

  • It supports tags and post authors.
  • RSS (Atom and JSON).
  • Sitemap and SEO features.
  • Instant search engine.

Install as remote theme

The fastest and easiest way to use this theme is by importing it as a remote module. It allows to create a blog in seconds and update it at any time just changing the version number in the import url. Just add the following code to your _config.ts file:

import lume from "lume/mod.ts";
import blog from "";

const site = lume();


export default site;

You can see an example in the demo folder. To customize it copy the _data.yml file in your blog root folder and edit it with your own data. The posts must be saved in the posts folder. For example: posts/

Use it as base template

To use this theme as a base template for a more customized blog, clone this repo and edit the _config.ts file. The source files are in the src folder.

Lume theme to create a simple blog
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